Friday, November 30, 2012

thanks to quinn mattfeld

It's one thing to read Hamlet.  It's quite another thing to actually meet Hamlet.  Thank you to PCPA's Quinn Mattfeld for talking with us today-- so cool to learn Shakespeare from a guy who has lived the material.

You can see Quinn in PCPA's current production of The Wizard of Oz.  Buy tickets here.

[UPDATE: The following questions were submitted by Alex for your comment/our discussion-- please think on 'em and comment to this post. :)]

  • What was your first impression as you walked through the door and saw Quinn? 
  • Were you excited about having him in class? 
  • Did your thoughts about him change throughout his conversation with us? 
  • What was one main thing that you got out of having Quinn with us? 
  • Did he make you think differently about Hamlet or Shakespeare’s work in general? 
  • What things did you agree with? 
  • Was there things that you didn't agree with or that you had a different opinion on? 
  • Were there any ways that Quinn inspired you? 
  • Can you relate to Hamlet more now then you could before Quinn came? 
  • If you could say one thing to Quinn what would it be? 
  • Do you have any new thoughts on Ophelia’s role in Hamlet? 
  •  Is there a new way you are going to go about memorizing things? 
  • What is your definition of a good piece of literature? 
  • Has Quinn made you excited about Hamlet or had you always had that spark of loving Hamlet and now it's more of a fire than a spark?

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  1. Well since I should be getting some last minute studying for vocab I will only focus on one of these questions for now.
    Do you have any new thoughts on Ophelia’s role in Hamlet?
    I am so thrilled that Quinn got to explain how great Ophelia’s role in Hamlet is, was, and forever shall be! It is awesome that Mackenzie got to see a different view on Ophelia and at last have some peace with her character. The best thing is that it has given Mackenzie the motivation to reread the play. Way to go Mackenzie!…I might join you in doing that too! Ophelia has always been my favorite character in Hamlet and to hear that so many people didn’t see a point in her character made me sad. So a million thanks to Quinn for his sharing his amazing view on Ophelia. I do have some new thoughts on her that I didn’t think of that makes me adore her role even more. Quinn was saying how every women that reads Hamlet should love Ophelia because she really gives women a role of their own. Poor Ophelia was tossed around. Her mind and heart where in two different places and it definitely didn’t help that she was having outside opinions telling her what to do and feel. Awesome discussion and hoping for one just as great in the future.