College/Scholarship Info

This page is for student-submitted resources related to college/university/scholarship/financial aid.  If you find a good one that you don't see here, please email it to

NOTE: the resources don't have to be online.  Our local community organizations are strong supporters of education and frequently offer scholarships.  Let's share requirements, deadlines and forms as they become available.


ONLINE RESOURCES (college search, scholarships--thanks Elizabeth!) (scholarships, college search-- thanks Josh!) (scholarships-- thanks Michelle!) ("financial support for students"-- thanks Dulce!) ("opening doors..."-- thanks Dulce!) ("paying for school..."-- thanks Dulce!) ("get in & pay for college..."-- thanks Mackenzie!) ("College planning and admissions"-- thanks Ming!) ("college-related information"-- thanks Ming!) (test prep--thanks Ming!) (athletic recruiting-- thanks Reed!)
Budgeting with college/career in mind (thanks Mrs. Dirkes!)

SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITIONS (by deadline; * denotes local community organization)
March 1 Scholarships for children of strawberry field workers

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