Saturday, November 3, 2012

carlos comix

This just in from Carlos Cruz (RHS '12).  Thanks, Carlos!

carlos cruz osl comic -


  1. Love the artwork. :) I'm jealous. Also, I love how you wrote what went on last year in AP English. Gives us good insight.

  2. The time and effort put into this comic is amazing. The artwork was intense and I enjoyed the comments each box stated. Since it's based on last year's class it added more to this creative piece. I especially liked how he drew the AP Exam and kept him alive throughout the piece. It was a nice touch.

  3. No problem Dr. Preston. I almost forgot about this, but what I think I like the most about this little comic is that it shows that you can narrarate a simple everyday thing and make it appealing to a multitude of people. Gets a story across in an interesting form. For example, this narrarates a whole school year in a classroom that was still developing as we went along. Shows the tasks put in front of the class and how some overcame the tasks while others pushed them aside hoping not to get caught or penalized. To be honest anyone can tell a story, all it takes is some initiative and an audience to speak to or rather reach. Also another thing to mention, something that stuck in my head, collaboration is not cheating.