Thursday, November 8, 2012

collaborative working group montero-style

If you're interested in this project either comment here or contact Josh, who writes:
The movie's title is The Package: The Movie. It is a work of fiction and uses special effects to create realistic illusions of things we'd never do in real life; the plot includes a car chase, fight scenes, a WMD, and a character who self-identifies as a redneck.  If more than one person wants a certain part we will assess their abilities and make what will appear to be a totally subjective and irritating decision.  Actors must be willing to film for long hours (3 to 4) without complaining.  We will probably start filming during winter break. 

4 main characters
-2 boys (one of whom turns evil and tries to destroy the world)
-2 girls
A Redneck
A Scientist
An Intern for the Scientist
A teacher
An Important Techy Person
A Secret Agent

I would also need several extras
Guards for the guy that will turn evil
Kids for the classroom

I will need 2 drivers (for the "car chase")
Anybody that has props of any type that might come in handy (Costumes, Airsoft guns, the works)


  1. Based on the criteria given, I'll be willing to act if need be.

  2. I also have Beka and Ubi as actors... The more people we have, the better