Monday, November 19, 2012

November 20


Describe a symbol that means something to you. How did the symbol come to represent an abstract idea?  Is the idea shared by others or is it yours alone?  If it's an individual interpretation, what does it say about you?  If it's social, how does interpreting the symbol identify the reader/viewer as a member of the tribe who "gets it"?

1. Journal
3. Check out library books

ESSAY TOPIC: Explain Plato's use of metaphor in "Allegory of the Cave." How does his use of figurative language make this an allegory? Who is he really writing about and what is his purpose?  (As per many an AP prompt: Avoid Summarization.)

1. Write a sonnet about Plato's Allegory of the Cave and post it to your blog (title: "Allegory of the Cave Sonnet").  To receive full credit your sonnet must receive 20 positive reviews from your colleagues, each of whom must evaluate: a) whether your sonnet meets the definitional requirements and therefore deserves to be called a sonnet in the first place; and b) whether it's any good, as evidenced by the quality of narration, setting, use of figurative language, etc.
2. Read the library book you selected (or Henry V, if you went that route; look for the script in a post here on the blog later in the day).  Remember to take enough active reading notes to answer the LAQs in a post to your blog.  Everyone who finishes by Sunday night can count this as a Literature Analysis.
3. Go to the member blogs page, find 15 people you don't know well, and comment to their blogs with: a) a compliment about their blog, b) a question you need help with on Henry V or Dickens, and c) the URL of your blog so they can comment back.
4. Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank someone you love, thank someone you like, thank someone you can't stand, and thank someone you haven't met yet.  And, since I don't say it often enough: thank you.


  1. Here are couple links that might help you with the sonnet.

  2. Thank YOU Dr. Preston! See, now you're wondering if you are someone I love, someone I like, someone I can't stand, or someone I haven't met yet. Life is full of mysteries, isn't it?

    1. I figure "all of the above"-- wait until students realize they're about to learn from a sneetch! ;)

  3. Don't you just LOVE how half the blogs have ZERO posts....