Tuesday, August 14, 2012

vocab: fall list #1

Be ready to define/conjugate/contextualize these words by Friday, Aug. 17:

faux pas

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  1. Great choice of vocabulary Dr. Preston. And for all of you who is having difficulty finding the words, I hope this helps. Compliments of thefreedictionary.com ...

    adumbrate :
    1. To give a sketchy outline of.
    2. To prefigure indistinctly; foreshadow.
    3. To disclose partially or guardedly.
    4. To overshadow; shadow or obscure.

    apotheosis :
    1. Exaltation to divine rank or stature; deification.
    2. Elevation to a preeminent or transcendent position; glorification
    3. An exalted or glorified example

    ascetic :
    1. Leading a life of self-discipline and self-denial, especially for spiritual improvement.
    2. Pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic; self-denying and austere:

    bauble :
    1. A small, showy ornament of little value; a trinket.
    2. Archaic A mock scepter carried by a court jester

    beguile :
    1. To deceive by guile; delude.
    2. To take away from by or as if by guile; cheat
    3. To distract the attention of; divert
    4. To pass (time) pleasantly.
    5. To amuse or charm; delight.

    burgeon :
    a. To put forth new buds, leaves, or greenery; sprout.
    b. To begin to grow or blossom.
    2. To grow or develop rapidly.

    complement :
    a. Something that completes, makes up a whole, or brings to perfection.
    b. The quantity or number needed to make up a whole
    c. Either of two parts that complete the whole or mutually complete each other.
    2. An angle related to another so that the sum of their measures is 90°.
    3. Grammar A word or words used to complete a predicate construction, especially the object or indirect object of a verb4. Music An interval that completes an octave when added to a given interval.
    5. The full crew of officers and enlisted personnel required to run a ship.
    6. Immunology A complex system of proteins found in normal blood plasma that combines with antibodies to destroy pathogenic bacteria and other foreign cells
    7. Mathematics & Logic For a universal set, the set of all elements in the set that are not in a specified subset.
    8. A complementary color.

    contumacious :
    Obstinately disobedient or rebellious; insubordinate.

    curmudgeon :
    An ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions.

    didactic :
    1. Intended to instruct.
    2. Morally instructive.
    3. Inclined to teach or moralize excessively

    disingenuous :
    1. Not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating
    2. Pretending to be unaware or unsophisticated; faux-naïf.
    3. Usage Problem Unaware or uninformed; naive.

    exculpate :
    To clear of guilt or blame.

    faux pas :
    a social blunder or indiscretion

    fulminate :
    1. To issue a thunderous verbal attack or denunciation: fulminated against political chicanery.
    2. To explode or detonate.

    fustian :
    a. A coarse sturdy cloth made of cotton and flax.
    b. Any of several thick twilled cotton fabrics, such as corduroy, having a short nap.
    2. Pretentious speech or writing; pompous language
    1. cheap; worthless
    2. pompous; bombastic

    hauteur :
    1. Haughtiness in bearing and attitude; arrogance.
    2. pride; haughtiness

    inhibit :
    1. To hold back; restrain.
    2. To prohibit; forbid.
    3. Psychology To suppress or restrain (behavior, an impulse, or a desire) consciously or unconsciously

    jeremiad :
    A literary work or speech expressing a bitter lament or a righteous prophecy of doom

    opportunist :
    One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.

    unconscionable :

    1. Not restrained by conscience; unscrupulous: unconscionable behavior.
    2. Beyond prudence or reason; excessive