Friday, August 10, 2012

does anyone want to test drive this?

Check this site out.  After you get a sense of what it is, and how you might use it, please comment to this post and explain why you're interested or not.  Feel free to follow the thread and respond to others' comments. 


  1. I tried to do it, but I do not have an Iphone for it to work. I even went to there facebook page and their blog. And the stories and inspiration are great. But that's really all I could do with it. :/

  2. It looks like an inspiring app, and it would probably keep one's goals on track, but I get the feeling it is like another social network... You will keep comeback and reporting to the app if you have someone to share the experience with.

  3. I agree with Fel ^
    I did like just some of there examples though!
    Blind one, quiet one
    Shoestring travel race
    I think they would make really good Journal topics!

  4. I wish I knew about this app before I took my trip to Washington, Oregon and San Francisco! It would have been perfect to set up goals and things I wanted to accomplish on my trip.
    I do get side tracked with social networks it doesn't seem like this one would be one that I would frequent rather visit on occasion. It seems very inspiring, I know it makes me want to push myself to do more adventurous things.