Saturday, August 11, 2012

make the right friends and tell them the truth

Want to be a healthy, happy person? According to recent studies, you should make the right friends and tell them the truth. (Thanks, Dave Pell.)


  1. You know it's actually odd to think about it. But these day's when people say they want to get healthy and happy, they are usually refering to their physical being. Little did they know that alot of their health issues lies with in the mind and could be easily worked through with taking steps like the article implys. It will not always be easy, especially if you lie or do other destuctive habits often. But everything that is worth having will be worth working for as well. <3

  2. Oh man, does this sound familiar. I can see the effect of lying to one's parents and close friends, and have felt those effects more than a few times myself. Telling the truth can make your mental and physical body just feel lighter, "getting it off your chest." You feel better about yourself and feel better about your relationship with the person you've lied to. I encourage friends to be open with me and with each other, because obviously you can see how negatively lies affect you when you prolong them and keep them going.