Tuesday, August 14, 2012

beware: killer cows

This blog isn't just a learning game-changer.  It's a life-saver.

Fall Semester Survival Tip #1:  Cows kill more people than sharks.

(Thanks, BoingBoing!)


  1. The irony I find in this is that when I hear cow i think burger. When I think Burger I think fast food. Fast food that makes people obese, get clogged arteries, and other such health issues. So in my mind "Of course cows kill more people!You don't see many folks eating deep fried shark with greasy salty fries now do you?" but that's just my trail of thought.

  2. I agree with Elizabeth especially thinking about living in the country #1 in obesity is right where we live. Who knew cows could be so deadly in many ways! It's funny how a random and kind of funny article like this can make you think about life. (totally cliche line) To scary to think about what our world ia coming to.

  3. Cows are very contradicting in the fact that they are supposed to be very submissive animals, yet kill more animals then sharks. Which I actually find as an appealing thought, because for some odd reason I have a attached feeling towards sharks. So it helps to clear their name a little more. Anyways, I found this article to be very helpful. And it makes me more interested to follow links to other, perhaps even stranger, articles. The web will never be fully comprehended, but through curiosity we find new lessons, thoughts, and ideas. But who knows, maybe one day we will be able to down load it all into our minds. Haha, now there's an article.

  4. It seems pretty ironic that a cow would have 27 times more kills than the so called "deadly" shark. I saw the author trying to let us understand that not everything in life is what its put out to be. For example, we're taught to fear sharks since sharks come out of nowhere and they're supposedly "out for blood." When in reality the innocent, mellow cows are who we're supposed to be on the look out for. Understanding that life is going to have its twists and turns is good to know since the unpredictable can happen to anyone anywhere.