Monday, August 20, 2012

August 21

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Freedom of Choice" by Devo; "Freewill" by Rush]

We use phrases like "pay attention" and "make a decision" all the time-- what do they mean to you? How would you teach a child to do either?  How might you improve your own abilities in these areas?

1. Journal
2. 1987 AP Exam feedback from partners
3. Socratic seminar: "The Right to Your Own Opinion" (featuring the summer reading and an introduction to the English language)
3. A brief, cold experiment in concentration

1. Read the articles linked to the decision-making post and answer questions by commenting to the post.
2. Post comments from today's Socratic seminar to your blog.
3. Read pp. 2-14 in the textbook
4. Study vocabulary

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  1. It would be super cool if at least someone could go to my blog and read/peer edit my two essays. They aren't super long, so it won't take too long. I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks guys :)