Thursday, August 16, 2012

online sharing and community

As I learn about new tools and opportunities I will pass them along. For instance: Shannon Fahey (RHS '12) introduced me to a relative who works for When I emailed to suggest the company collaborate with us, she shared a little about the company, including the CEO's initiative, which was created in response to the shootings at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

As you think about our work together and the work you're doing to get where you want to go in life, do you see these online tools (and others with similar features and values) as opportunities for self-expression and community-building? How might you use them for the purposes? Comments welcome.


  1. Over the summer I spent a lot of time looking through and becoming a member of online organizations like & and have been able to see that we are able to make a change with the tools available at our fingertips. Making a difference and expressing yourself has literally never been easier because with all the technology available to us you have multiple ways to share your voice. Some people make websites other people post a series of videos on YouTube that have a similar message, for example, the "I have a secret... (note card project)" was a huge success in which people would reveal a personal secret through a series of note cards (here is a link to one of the videos and there are many more if you would like to see them You could also make a website, Facebook page, or whatever else you can come up with and use it to raise awareness of a cause and begin a campaign a lot like There are so many other ways and websites you can use to raise a voice or just express yourself, but this comment seems to have gone on long enough.

  2. I feel like the online community is a great way to get words out. At the same time I feel like it's almost become more difficult to get noticed since it is so easily accessible. It brings me back to the previous post about those college graduates who didn't have any success in the things that they majored in. If there isn't a huge amount of publicity and getting the word out there by everyone from different places then it only makes it harder. Don't get me wrong, it's a great tool that we have; I just feel it's more difficult since it's such an easy thing to do if you have the initiative.

  3. Online tools are beneficial in many ways. Over the summer I joined, and through their sight I was able to help send awareness to other about the environment, homelessness, bullying, etc.. This website, like many others, is there to give ideas to those who wish to make a change in their community. Making something small grow into something great are the types of things I like working for.

    The only downfall to online tools is how our generation is taking it for granted. What we have now wasn't there yesterday. Everyday there is something new being discovered and contributed to the online world. I hope that throughout the year, we can open doors to students who see the internet as just another way of finding out how someones day was.