Thursday, October 18, 2012

remix resources

Sarah's take on "to be or not to be" makes this the perfect time to formally introduce the concept of the remix. Please review these videos and be ready to discuss Friday, 10.19.

Here is Kirby Ferguson, creator of the Everything is a Remix series, explaining his theory of creative inspiration, remix, and cultural commons, and citing some of history's best-loved "individual" creators and explaining how what they did was a remix, i.e., an extension and a part of the work that came before them.

2011/08 Kirby Ferguson from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

Here is an example of an augmentative remix (contributed by course alum Maddy Hunt) in which a live talk by Sir Ken Robinson is reconfigured into multiple layers of visual media:


  1. I loved that RSA video. Visual learning is how I learn best and I don't really get that... ever. That animation was really cool and he had a lot of brilliant ideas. I only watched the first 5 seconds and then I realized he was british and then I also realized it was an awesome video. So I stayed.

  2. I loved the RSA guy's thoughts on ADHD because they made so much sense! Also the way that school is still based on industrialism is both weird, and it makes me want to change it. The "Everything is a Remix" thing was pretty cool, I got some nice tunes out of it, but I didn't watch it all the way through because it was lengthy and made me feel like I had ADHD.