Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's topics: "Act Naturally" by The Beatles; "Play With Fire" by The Rolling Stones; "Games People Play" by Alan Parson's Project]

"The play's the thing." Explain.

1. Journal
2. Vocab quiz
3. Act III
 4. Remix/state of the union

1. Post an autopsy on your vocab midterm to your blog.  Did you do as well as you expected/hoped?  To what do you attribute the outcome?  How can you improve for the final?
2. Remix something from Act III of Hamlet that will help your blog's audience better understand the play and Shakespeare's techniques. Post it to your blog (and our YouTube channel if it's a vid) and invite your friends to view it. [Note: This assignment won't count unless a minimum of 5 people have commented to your post by the time I tour the blogs Sunday evening.]


  1. Dr. Preston I will be leaving for Long Beach right after school today and I will not have internet access or computer/tech access. I can email you via text message from my phone but I will not be able to post or get comments on my remixed something until late Sunday evening when I return. Will that be ok?

  2. Can people please comment on my Hamlet remix?

  3. Ours is almost done! We have a collaboration between Alex Lane, Becka Castillo, Christa Weston, Sarah Gutierrez, Ryan Nugyen, and I. It is another video and the editing software is being refractory (see what I did there ^_^ ) It will be on tonight, just at a later hour than normal. Sorry for the delay, people were out of town.

  4. Hey guys! I'm racking up pageviews but I'm not getting any comments. So if one of you happens to look at my blog it would be appreciated.

    1. Just saw it-- you might want to reach out via text/FB/ old-fashioned phone.