Monday, October 8, 2012


As I stated in class last week, the first grading period was designed to be forgiving because you all were getting used to new technology and new ways of learning.

That chapter has ended.

Your vocabulary midterm grades were generally encouraging, but things are about to get harder and it's important for you to be prepared.

On Monday, October 15, there will be a university-caliber exam on Acts I & II of Hamlet.  It will require precise recall and well-reasoned analysis.  It will take the entire period and it will demand your very best.

Therefore, however you handled the conversation about collaboration today, make every day count.  The heart of our mission is excellence and expertise; everything we do, from our blogs to our online conferences with thought leaders, is designed to help you optimize your understanding of the curriculum and your thinking in general.  Take full advantage of the next few days.