Friday, September 28, 2012 of conner

Conner said this in class today:

I don't think before I speak so that I can be surprised just like everyone else."

We all felt like we'd heard the idea before but we couldn't find the quote; could this be the Conner original that gets him into Bartlett's?  Comment to this post if you find the original (assuming there is one).



    This is the most likely.

  2. So this is not the original quote but I found it funny that every time I rephrased and searched this comment it constantly lead me to this site.

  3. Dr.preston you should check this out. It seems like the teacher is trying to do what you're doing but they're not as advanced. I left a comment on one of the hamlet posts hopefully I get a reply

    1. Good find, Sebastian! There are many creative ideas on the site and I think we can learn from Mrs. Henson and her students too. Let me know when you hear back.