Monday, September 24, 2012

September 25

JOURNAL TOPIC: [radio silence, Project Infinity credit if the class can agree on a tune, hum in unison, and video/post to someone's blog]

Choose your own topic.  Since this should be of more interest to you than whatever someone else assigns, write closer to a page (or keep writing the whole period).

1. Journal
2. Work independently on vocabulary, literature analysis questions, and/or characterization

1. Continue working on literature analysis
2. Continue studying vocabulary
3. Visit 5 (more) blogs and critique literature analyses


  1. After reading a few blogs I've noticed some people haven't used the "insert jump break"(it's what creates that "read more" link). You don't have to use it but I think it makes blogs look neater and easier to navigate in. If you want to insert a break in you post go to edit post or new post if you're just making it. Unless blogs have different formation this description should be the same for everyone. Once you're in make you post and click on the line that you want people to see before they click "read more". Near the "Publish" button you should see a few icons like "link", "insert image", and "insert video". Next to it is what looks like a piece of ripped paper ("insert jump break"). Click and then just publish. I hope this wasn't to long I just wanted people to find it easy. I hope this helps.

  2. If you want some examples here are my blogs.

  3. I posted the 3rd period video so come come to watch it :)