Monday, September 3, 2012

September 4

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["My Friends Always Ask Me" by Mary Lane; "Ask Me Now" by Thelonious Monk]

Does language merely describe reality or does it create a sense of reality? Do speakers of different languages just use different words to describe the same things, or do they actually think and see the world differently because of the language they use? Explain your answer.

1. Journal/turn in resumes
2. Reverse engineering the study of language and the telling of stories
3. Beowulf
4. Why Star Wars and Joseph Campbell
5. Vocabulary: Fall List #4
1. Deconstruct your favorite hero's journey and post to your blog.


  1. For the homework that is described in this post, you said not to do it until you posted the Hero's Journey on here and you have not yet as of 10:31 pm. Is that something we are just going to talk about in class tomorrow?

    1. You are correct; we'll discuss in class and I'll ask you to post that assignment on your blogs by Friday.

  2. I second that question, Cuz I too heard that and as of 11:06, I still yet to see it....