Friday, September 14, 2012

mind amplifiers prezi

Since we're pressed for time, here is the rest of the Mind Amplifiers* prezi. Please have a look and comment to this post with observations and/or questions. We'll reserve time in class next week to discuss whatever needs discussing.

[*The term "Mind Amplifiers" was coined by Howard Rheingold (site here, wikipedia bio here) who has been studying technology and media for longer than I've been alive. Howard wrote a book on Mind Amplifiers and he currently teaches courses on technology, journalism and virtual community (a phrase he also coined) at Stanford and UC Berkeley. He has also created a series of independent online courses. I used the "Mind Amplifiers" title with Howard's permission for this prezi, which I presented at an RHS faculty inservice in August, 2011.  Howard is a friend of the course and he will join us in an online conference later in the semester.]

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