Sunday, September 9, 2012

archival subject release form

Please print, review, sign, and return the actor/documentary/archival subject release form.

Now that we're all online, and now that many of you are recording the on-the-ground course and using video and pictures for other course-related activities, and now that we are learning how to create and manage our online identities for the purpose of building ethical, productive communities, it's important for you to learn about privacy, fair use, and how to avoid being perceived as a digital jerk. 

Next week we will begin the online peer editing process, and we will use the experience to begin learning about communities of interest and critique.  In the process we will discuss copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons licenses like the one that governs the use of material on this blog.

The release form includes both "Open Source Learning"-- which is all of us-- and "We Are Superman," a Collaborative Working Group that is creating a documentary about Open Source Learning.

Please Note: If you have a specific reason for guarding your privacy, please stop by in person or email so we can make arrangements that address your concerns and protect your likeness.  

archival subject release form

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