Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel; "Just the Way You Are" performed by Diana Krall]

The French novelist Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote (in French), "The more things change the more they stay the same." Evaluate this idea in terms of a character you've recently read or written. To what extent does the character's transformation involve new traits/information, and to what extent does the process magnify qualities that were there all along? Apply this thinking to a person you know in real life; how has this person changed as a result of his/her learning? Do you think the change is a product of qualities that were there all along or do you see something new?

1. Journal
2. Personal statements returned personally
3. Characterization & literary elements

1. Character study (IV)
2. Answer characterization questions for LA #1


  1. Can someone please post what character study (IV) is about, and what the characterization questions are?

    1. Questions are on LAQs page (

      (IV) is an in-class exercise that the Boot Campers will have to start tomorrow and complete tomorrow night for HW.