Friday, April 19, 2013

spring break lit circle ap questions for the weekend

Thanks to all of the groups who presented today.  Here are each group's novels and links to questions by period (if I missed something or you posted something since, please add in a comment to this post):

Slaughterhouse Five (lit elements, essay prompts, multiple choice questions)
Kafka on the Shore (questions here)
Carrie (Ruth et al assured us questions will be posted on her blog Saturday)

Picture of Dorian Gray (multiple choice questions)
Crime & Punishment (essay prompts, prose essay prompts, open essay prompts)
The Five People You Meet In Heaven (essay prompts, multiple choice questions)
Life of Pi (general questions, MC + essay prompts, open essay prompts, lit terms, MC questions,  prose essay prompts)
Carrie (open essay prompts)

Jane Eyre (multiple choice, prose essay prompts)
Life of Pi (multiple choice, more multiple choice + open essay prompts + lit elements)
Fahrenheit 451 (lit elements, open essay prompts, Amanda sez prose prompts will be on her blog)
Carrie (prose essay prompts)
1984 (open/prose essay prompts, lit elements)
Crime & Punishment (Jose promises prompts on his blog; in the meantime here is some background)


  1. Since I wasn't in class on Friday for the presentations, do you want me to just read Sparknotes or something for the books I didn't read?

    1. Sparknotes? Have you lost your mind? Collaborate with the people who presented to get the information you need.

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