Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26


Select your favorite poem from the work you've done so far this week.  Briefly describe how its language (i.e., diction, syntax, imagery) and structure (rhyme, rhythm, form, shift/s) contribute to your understanding of its meaning.

1. Journal
2. Discuss journal
3. Discuss & practice poetry essay prompts
4. MC questions

1. By now you should have posted SEVENTH READING, GRIDLOCK, & GROUPTHINK per the PBC-- please post AT LEAST TWO ESSAYS in response to the prompts below by 11:59 P.M. tomorrow night (Saturday).   NOTE: these will not count unless they are reviewed/commented on by at least 5 of your colleagues.
2. Sunday morning you will find a selection of three prose prompts in a post just above this-- you must answer a minimum of two with full essays by the time we see each other Monday.


[1994] Poems: “To Helen” (Edgar Allan Poe) and “Helen” (H.D.)
Prompt: The following two poems are about Helen of Troy. Renowned in the ancient world for her beauty, Helen was the wife of Menelaus, a Greek King. She was carried off to Troy by the Trojan prince Paris, and her abduction was the immediate cause of the Trojan War. Read the two poems carefully. Considering such elements as speaker, diction, imagery, form, and tone, write a well-organized essay in which you contrast the speakers’ views of Helen.

[Your choice from the Poetry Essay Prompts page.]

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