Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16

How does it feel to be in charge of your own learning in crunch time?

1. Journal
2. Slight recap of yesterday's conversation
3. Macbeth: discussion &/or quiz on Act II

1. Comment to the AP Reading List page with 3-5 literature analysis URLs (extra credit for more; please list in order of quality, best first).
2. Read Macbeth Act III
3. Post your answers to the Jane Eyre questions below (thanks, Mackenzie!)

(***PLEASE NOTE: As we review our progress in each period today, we will discuss the schedule and refine yesterday's ideas.  Even though the school calendar belongs to standardized testing, our learning calendar belongs to us.  Please be sure to consult the blog and/or your Inbox so that you don't miss anything on the days we don't meet in class.  Mahalo.)

M C Questions Ch 1


  1. Are we answering the prose questions and creating the essay as well?