Saturday, March 23, 2013

the inscrutable brilliance of anne carson

Since Josh pointed out that his blog has 100+ more posts than the course blog, here is an extra-curricular profile of a poet [?] that may inspire, deepen understanding, amuse, or remain an unopened present.  Comments/questions welcome.

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  1. I don't quite know where my opinion stands on Anne Carson. In all honesty, I imagine her, not so much as a content and independent person, but rather a hidden and lonely woman. Granted it is stated that she enjoys being alone, I can't actually picture anyone with such a beautiful and mysterious reputation wanting to keep their life secluded. Especially when knowing that with such a great influence as a writer, poet, teacher, "[whatever]", she could actually make quite a difference in someone's life. If a person can relate I see the significance being greatly increased. Another fact I would like to mention is how the journalist Sam Anderson who actually got some small amount of information from Anne, discussed her as a person. Then again not really. Here he says "Carson gives the impression — on the page, at readings — of someone from another world, either extraterrestrial or ancient, for whom our modern earthly categories are too artificial and simplistic to contain anything like the real truth she is determined to communicate." I don't quite appreciate his view of Mrs. Carson. saying how she holds characteristics of an extraterrestrial. Why? Because she is contained with in herself. She holds a questionable persona that is not of most author profiles. In no way though does this make her out of this world. She is exceptional, sure, but again as I stand uncertain in my opinion I do not actually believe she is deserving of such a description quite yet. Thus that is my thoughts on this .:)