Tuesday, February 5, 2013

help a colleague

The course blog is open for anyone who needs collaborators, materials, information, opportunities, and resources for their senior projects.  (BTW, thank you to those of you who donated to help take care of our own-- we're $19 away from the goal).

Today many of you figured out what your senior projects will look like.  The ideas range from ukes to rockets, from clothing lines to restaurants, from musicals to... well, you get the point.  And the thing is, we all need each other.  So many times this morning I walked from one conversation ("We really need someone who can...") to another ("I wonder if anyone here can...") Since we don't have a formal marketplace set up, feel free to use Project Infinity or this space as a way to reach out and begin collaborating-- and, if you can think of a more efficient way to do it, please comment to this post.

In that spirit, this just in from Kathryn:

Check it out guys! Kathryn needs some crowd sourcing help for her senior project. Her idea is to set up a blog or other site dedicated to fundraising for a trip to El Camino de Santiago in Spain. She needs a good title for starters and any other sugestions would be appreciated. Okay, go!

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