Tuesday, February 19, 2013

collaboration at johns hopkins university

In this course we focus extensively on collaboration, a talent that employers routinely cite as being underdeveloped and in short supply.

Even though emerging social media is changing our world through collaboration such as the Arab Spring and Occupy, students--even at the most elite universities-- are just now getting the hang of organizing through end-user networks.

Friend of the course Cory Doctorow reports on boingboing that Johns Hopkins students took a unique approach to collaborating for a grade.  In the words of their professor, "The students learned that by coming together, they can achieve something that individually they could never have done," he said via e-mail. “At a school that is known (perhaps unjustly) for competitiveness I didn't expect that reaching such an agreement was possible.” Maybe next time they'll figure out a way for everyone to get 100%.

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