Thursday, January 3, 2013

more on goals and spring semester evaluation

This is the post you will be able to use as a road map for planning your spring semester trip. The thing is, I'm not writing it alone.  You're going to help.  I'll start by listing a few ideas, and I'd like you to comment with questions and thoughts that help me update the post so that it's most helpful to the most students.  Here are some topics I'll fill in tomorrow whether people comment or not.

  • Big Question
  • Collaborative Working Group
  • 5PH1NX/ OSL MMOAP/ Learning Man Festival
  • Virtual TAs
  • Novel (good idea, Josh!)
  • Course remix/curation
  • [Other?]




  1. Let's do poetry study. Can we do poetry study? I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing you wanted comments on, but I think it sounds like a grand idea.

  2. I agree with Beka. I remember in 8th grade we had a few weeks in which we had a "Poetry Cafe". What we did is an assignment where we had multiple poetical challenges ...all relating to different topics of life. We created and or found our favorite poems that had to do with those topics. Then we created a poetical profile of it. And at the end of the few weeks we remembered our favorite poem of all and said it aloud to the class. Where we also had coffee, hot chocolate, etc... Anyways, what I was thinking is perhaps we could do something similar and have almost an end of the year presentations like we do.. But using this as such. We could all do online presentations, or videos, or whatever. Then have everyone bring coffee, food, etc.

  3. We could do the Poetry Cafe but condense it significantly. We don't have the weeks like we did in 8th grade. Pick a poem or two, analyze them, compare and contrast each poem to a DIFFERENT poem, and them memorize one of them. Sounds like a reasonable amount of work. Give us two weeks and have us post all the work to our blog in regular updates.

  4. Dr. Preston what are state standards/AP standards saying you should be teaching us? I had a teacher who every week would write CA standard section 25468 or something and then that week we would do work sheets relating to that standard. I'm not saying we should do worksheets I just think putting up a few state standards would give us topics to "hack." right now I've got ideas of how I want to learn, but I'm not sure what topics there are to learn. If that makes any sense.

  5. I really like the idea of the whole class creating novel. That sounds like we would be making our own story of class of 2013. So I agree with Josh Montero.