Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25

JOURNAL TOPIC: (today's tunes: "Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll" by Blue Oyster Cult; "Better Things" by The Kinks)

If you are reading Tale of Two Cities, describe the conflict in the novel at each level you perceive it-- within the characters' minds, between the characters, and in the broader society.

If you are reading Great Expectations, describe the relationship between class and "good/evil" characters.  What role do you think wealth/materialism plays in the ways Dickens portrays his characters?  Do you see evidence of tone here?

1. Journal
2. Lit terms quiz
3. Discussion: journal topics
4. SMART goals & next steps

1. Work on your literature analysis/remix
2. Consider your SMART goal and post to your blog (*if you didn't get your SMART goal proposal yet, please email over the weekend)
3. Head start for next week: 25 (more) lit terms in post entitled "LIT TERMS 31-56"

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