Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22

JOURNAL TOPIC: ("I Will Follow" by James Taylor; "Darn That Dream" by Miles Davis; "No Expectations" by The Rolling Stones)

Explain how defining at least one of the lit terms this weekend helped you understand a text in retrospect.

1. Journal
2. Following/commenting on blogs
3. Lit terms 6-30

1. Follow & be followed
2. Study lit terms
3. Personal inventory/prep for Socratic seminar (Wednesday, 1.23)
4. If you didn't read any Dickens last semester, research TOTC/GE & decide which you want to spend (more) time with
5. Find/bring ID


  1. Will you put up directions how to put followers on blogs please?

  2. Here you go: 1) Open Blogger dashboard; 2) Go to "Layout" page; 3) Click on "Add a Gadget"; 4) Click "More Gadgets" (top left in tabs, just below "Basic"; 5)Click the blue plus sign to the right of "Followers" (which is first on the list when I click it); 6) Save. Voila!

    BTW, today in class Mackenzie asked about a "Follower Button" that you can install instead of a "Follow by Email" feature. I can investigate later tonight, but if anyone knows will you please reply with a how-to? Thanks!

  3. I put screen shots and stuff on my blog.
    I have how to follow people who don't have the button/without going to everyones blogs individually and how to get the button.


  4. I just now realize you never explained what the abbreviations in item 4 are. Or I could've been too distracted by tech problems to realize what you were saying.

    1. Wait never mind. I just reread that and realized what you mean. We are reviewing Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations this week correct?