Friday, June 7, 2013

this is it

Hi Everyone,

The bleachers are full of proud parents carrying flowers and stuffed animals. People who don't normally wear socks are wearing ties. The opening strains of "Pomp & Circumstance" have been wafting up from the field and just now Kaitlyn rocked the Star Spangled Banner. This is the last official post to the 2012-2013 course blog.

I am proud to be a member of this community.  You have all accomplished a great deal this year, in many different ways, and I hope you're proud too.  Thank you for all your contributions to this learning experience.  I wish each and every single one of you great success, and I look forward to following your adventures online and in person.  

Sapere Aude.
Dr. Preston


  1. I believe you mean 2012 - 2013 Preston.


    *Rides Rocket into space*

    1. Erp... I was guilty of a quick cut and paste so I could get down to graduation. Edited since, thanks!

  2. I couldn't of done what I have done with out you Preston :) Thank you.

    P.S. --- Go look at my blog I think you will really enjoy it!

    Best to you and your loved ones --- keep in touch

    Sincerely, Ashlie

    1. I know I'm off duty, I know I'm off duty...nah. It has to be said. "Couldn't of [sic]?" Couldn't HAVE! AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!


      Hey Ashlie, the important thing is that now you know you CAN. Good luck!