Wednesday, June 5, 2013

per 3 finals

This is it! Here are the (sideways: why?!?) agendas.  Presentations are after the jump-- more as soon as I receive links/embed codes. If anyone took video of the in-person presentations (Tanner's, Abby's, Cassidy's, e.g.) please send the video or upload/share embed codes. Great job today!!!

[Justin, Josh, Kris, Jason, Gus, Will: video/ please send :)] Megan, Chanel, Ashley
1. Simple Cupcakes
2. Rags for Reform

Brady Redman takes on Montaigne

Dani & Alicia: What do you know about RHS?

Conor & Alex: RHS musical

Karianne's Dream House

Haleigh's Senior Survival Guide
Abby's Art

Cassidy's Senior Reflection (hey Cassidy, can you send a picture of that collage?)
Erika's Dance That Didn't Happen
Bailey & Colleen's "RHS as Another Country"

Matt, Ming, Dulce, and Sam's Gimme Da World Travel Blog

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