Monday, June 3, 2013

kudos: june

Congratulations to the following students on their accomplishments!

Ming Chen (Glen Robinson Scholarship)
Matt Patel (Glen Robinson Scholarship)
Tanner Tuttle (Cal Poly Ag Scholarship $1500; Henry Newhall Scholarship $7k; Welding Scholarship $250; [?] Memorial Scholarship $800; CA State FFA Welding Champion)
Ruth Sierra (Ellis Hickman Rice Memorial Masonic Scholarship $1k)
Michelle Arriaga (NAACP Scholarship)
Vinnie Cruz (Ivy S. Pregozen Memorial Scholarship $500)
Felicitas Ruiz (Kiwanis Scholarship $1,500)
Socorro Ramirez (Marimba Band & Ballet Folklorico Scholarship $2k)
Erica Snell (RHS Film Festival "Best Director" Award)
Will Veroski (Doris VosBurg Memorial Scholarship $500)
Kaitlyn Furst (Film Scholarship $700; YoYo Scholarship $500; PTSA Scholarship $300; RHS Film Festival "Best Screenplay" Award)
Kathryn Greenup (DEA Scholarship $750)
Dulce Vargas ("Semper Fidelis" Award from Marines; John Philip Sousa National Music Award; Marimba Band Scholarship $1,750)

If I missed anyone, or if you've done something amazing since I posted this, please let me/us know in class or comment below.

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