Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Here's the list.  Please comment with any additions/corrections.

Click on the person's name to learn more, exchange ideas, and collaborate.  (If they don't have a post for their project yet, comment to whatever post you find and ask them why not.)

[Period 0]
Sara: health dummies video, mom's retrospective on 30 years of CA state parks
E'Ana: health dummies video
Kayla: online transmedia scrapbook
Paul: coaching juniors
Owen: grandfather's biography
Ubi: dead writers' society
Laura: coaching juniors, online transmedia scrapbook
Beka, J'Quelin: SNL dinner theater
Dylan: SNL dinner theater, online music lessons (with virtual beginner band?)
Sarah: dead writers' society, music for SNL, YouTube channel build
Kasie: SNL dinner theater, animation [**NEED VOICE ACTORS**]
Katelyn: exploring the use of social media in criminal investigation
Socorro: NGOs in Latin America that focus on women's rights; college blog (with Valerie)
Ruth, Rocio, Pablo, Lizbeth, & Rosa: transmedia diary of HS years
Will: global issues timeline & meograph
Ryan: remote-controlled hovercraft
Kathryn: $10k for college
Kelli: transmedia art portfolio
Michelle: Mommy N' Me[dia]
Josh: musical
Jenna: LP/album/8-track tape's worth of music about senior year
Justice, Ryland: coaching juniors 
Hayden: Project Sonata: A Novel

[Period 3]
Abby: evolution of art
Erica: Brave New World interpretative dance choreography/performance
Karianne: dream house architecture/ transmedia online scrapbook
Chanel, Megan & Ashley: bakery with family recipes--> blog
Austyn: video addressing stigma of mental disability
Conner: ukelele; research thesis on memory
Colleen: advertising/student responses to messages & images
Sebastian, Carly, Troy, and Elizabeth: literate t-shirt design company
Haleigh: senior survival guide
Alicia & Dani: 50 years of RHS
Isiah, Dulce, Ming, Matt, Sam, Ashlie, Feli: senior year retrospective
Sam: the ultimate performative utterance
Matt: learning Mandarin
Dulce & Ming: world culture blog
RyunHee, Travis, Reed, Nathan, Devon: music video about HS
Travis: surf forecast & buoy reading
Justin, Gus, Jason, Josh, Will, Kris: 4-year HS video
Justin: nature blog
Brady: kindergarten chronicle teaching portfolio & children's book (and something about flowing stories on a bus?)
Alex, Josh, Conor: musical
Alex: board game
Cassidy: reflection on life in video
Ashlie: documentary on becoming a teacher
Brittany: online transmedia scrapbook, [?], SNL catering
Bailey: online transmedia "scrapbook-thing" using personal photos as narrative of a life
Tanner: a welded "sculpture/sign/thing-y" of a learning life

[Period 4]
Mackenzie & Michelle: stream-of-consciousness (scrapbook-->college/business-->clothing)
Alex: book of poetry and letters
Jose: hard copy book with snapshots of thoughts/interests
Bernardo: coaching juniors
Eddie: civil engineering project
Taelor: poetry slam & art show
Pablo, Rosa, Ruth, Rocio: human collage
Iliana & Elizabeth: learning German
Kaitlyn, Amanda, & Rheanna: OSL presentation at Lakeview
Torre: Jung
Christa: AP Art--> AP English / interdisciplinary application of elements of design & visual learning
Vince, Jesse, & Christa: self-directed learning/info exchange (and automobile mechanics)
Eddie: scholarship scouting report & resources

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