Wednesday, May 1, 2013

important: print & bring to class on thursday and friday

I won't be in class Thursday or Friday, so you're going to have to show the sub how an Open Source Learning community works. Both days are in-class essays in exactly the same form as Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (I will post journal topics and agendas for each day.) Since you've already had multiple practice opportunities in the poetry, prose, and open prompts, and presumably you know what you need to work on most (if you don't, please consult with me today), you can choose which two essays you'll write to end the week. (Hint: Pick the ones that make you most nervous.) Please print the two prompts you'll need from the 2008 exam (below) and bring them to class with you. This way you'll have what you need even if the content filter acts up, the sub freaks out over phones, the projector doesn't work, or some idiot pulls a fire alarm. Mucho mahalo.

Ap08 Eng Lit Frq

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