Thursday, December 13, 2012

no.2 pencil. armed terrorist. bag of doritos.

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    1. Fly as high as you may,
      For perception changes with perspective,
      However many ways you perceive,
      There is only one Truth.

      From your ascension
      I entreat you to see the larger scene,
      The answer you seek,
      Is found with lines between.

      Tearing your minds down,
      Build them up stronger,
      It is the philosophy of The Tower:
      Destroy the construct closing you off from the Truth.

      Come out, come out,
      Always have I been here, in plain sight,
      It is you, who hasn’t seen,
      From your old thoughts and vision you must wean.

      Your challenge is feeble and meek,
      Stand as an army against me,
      Strength in numbers you must seek,
      Stand together against me, only then hope for victory.

      Always Remember,
      There is the law,
      Follow the law,
      Find collaboration,
      Or collaboration will find you.

      In cracks there will be those watching,
      In forests there will be those spying,
      Bearing answers and Wisdom,
      Bearing what you don’t know,
      Do not run from others,
      Do not hesitate to collaborate in your shared Fate.

  2. Oh! I forgot to thank you for the shout out. Thank you!

    If anyone else is interested in writing for me, please do tell.