Monday, July 2, 2012

early bird special: etherpads

First person to correctly explain what an etherpad is wins!  Once you see the comment and the contributor is lavished with well-deserved praise (and Project Infinity tributes, more on that later), ask this person why it makes sense for all of us put our summer reading notes on an etherpad instead of hoarding them in our notebooks or even on our blogs.


  1. An etherpad is "a web-based realtime collaborative document editor." according to the website. It looks to me like a program where one user posts a document and it can be shared and worked on/improved by other users all at one time.

  2. Nice work! For reasons everyone will understand soon enough, the more insight the better, so if you have other perspectives or personal experience, let us know!

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  4. I know he beat me to it, but I figured I would respond so you know that my juices are still flowing as far as my mind juice goes.
    definition; web-based collaborative real-time editor