Collaborative Working Groups

FACT: Many high school students are excited about learning a concept/skill or pursuing a career that isn't directly covered in the formal curriculum;

FACT: Entrepreneurship is not an element of the traditional high school curriculum;

FACT: There is widespread concern that a lack of business knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking will inhibit your ability to innovate and create economic opportunity in the future.

THEREFORE: You are invited to create Collaborative Working Groups that will enable you to convert your passions into entrepreneurial learning opportunities and (possibly) marketable ventures by: 1) Identifying what you're good at and what you want to do; 2) Learning how you can immediately extend this value to others' benefit in preparing for the 2012 AP Literature & Composition exam; and 3) Researching, planning, and marketing product/service.

USE CASE [1]: Ian May and Trevor Hudgins (RHS '12) created Our Level, a venture that offers peer-to-peer training for Open Source Learning.  Ian combined his expertise in online safety and security with Trevor's talent in designing presentations that student trainers can share with their Open Source Learning communities in K-12 schools and colleges/universities.  Ian and Trevor then recruited Eric Tucker (RHS '09) for his sales and management experience.  They are currently working with advisors to refine the initial presentation and go to market strategy for the 2013-14 school year.  More info available via Twitter @OurLevelTalks

USE CASE [2]: Kira Asel (RHS '12) created Central Coast Canvas as a way for high school artists to represent and sell their work.  After Kira graduated she moved to Dallas, where she has extend the program to three schools and is currently awaiting word on several grants that will enable her to stand the idea up as a nonprofit organization.

USE CASE [3]: Michelle Arriaga wondered if there was a Mommy & Me program in which high school-aged moms help each other to better understand how to use technology for child care, saving money, and helping their children develop in healthy ways.  Since she couldn't find one, Michelle decided to create one: Mommy & Me(dia).  She is currently developing the business plan and considering an initial roll-out during the 2013-2014 school year.  

"RHS Global Perspective" (news service/curation/collaboration) contact: Will Veroski
"Design Studio" (design for learning; interiors & furniture) contact: Iliana Gutierrez
"Graphic Design" (transmedia art, logos) contact: Isiah Mabansag
"Life Around the World" (blog for intercultural exchange) contact: Dulce Vargas & Ming Chen
"Nature Can Do That?" (blog for fast/bizarre tidbits & visuals) contact: Justin Thompson
"The Health Dummies" (blog with mind/body/nutrition/exercise resources) contact: E'Ana & Kayla 
"Notes for Notes" (blog with music info and course-related music) contact: Ubi
"RHS Dead Writers' Society" (writer's forum for original fiction and non-fiction) contact: Ubi

ONGOING (email for contact info)
"Our Level" (digital life 101/OSL prep for K-12 & college students) contact: Ian May, Trevor Hudgins
"Project Infinity" (P2P assessment dashboard) contact:  Ian May, Trevor Hudgins
"College Periscope" (blog hub for HS seniors & college freshmen) contact: [TBD]

"WroteIt" (e-publisher by/for teen authors) contact: Trenton Class
"We Are Superman" (documentary film on Open Source Learning) contact: Josh Austin
"Change Against the Machine" (cause-related teen action site) contact: Tyler Stewart 

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