Wednesday, November 14, 2012

brain with 200 legs 2.0: mindmaps & strategy

1. [for Thursday 11.15] Read the definition of mindmap in the screenshot here:

2. [for Thursday 11.15] Familiarize yourself with CMAP and--if you like it-- download the mindmap program

3. [for Thursday 11.15] Determine how we can all contribute to the mindmap. If you don't see a way: 1) ask partner/colleagues for help, and/or 2) find, evaluate and propose a free mindmap platform that allows us all to collaborate.

4. [for Thursday 11.15] Find at least two mindmaps you think are good enough to be models for us all to consider. Cut/paste links to them so we can see what you see. After you list the links, so that we know what to look for, briefly describe what these maps do well and what they could improve.

5. [For Friday 11.16] Skim "My 6,128 Favorite Books." Look for words, ideas and allusions that you don't recognize and/or you'd like to know more about.

6. On Saturday [11.17], at a time we all agree on in class, we will begin working together as fast as we can to populate the mind map. We will have a maximum of 24 hours to complete the mission. We can finish before then if someone who's keeping track calls for a review and we discover that we've covered everything. In fact, now that I think about it, we should probably create some sort of strategic plan before we start-- this way we can decide things like whether we should start in sections, or in different places, or whether we should have specific roles (as in the neo-legendary literature circles of sophomore year).


  1. By [For Thursday 11.15] do you mean it is homework we have to do tonight or it is due on Friday?

    1. He mostly likely wants us to have it done by Thursday so that we can discuss in class tomorrow. So that would be tonight's homework.

  2. Do we cut/paste the links to this comment or do you want us to put it on our blogs?

    1. The way he described in class was to put it under the comments of the post just like last years class.

    Mindomo caught my attention because the range of availability on it. It lets you search YouTube videos, add images, videos or audio with the exist URLs, upload attachment, and add symbols.
    Bubbl just seemed to be very easy to use. I went to the website, clicked "start", and boom. It went straight to mindmapping without having to make an account or anything. However, that is for personal use only, and the massive collaborative working we plan to do on Saturday would require an account. Bubbl just seemed really easy to use.

  4. Well here are my two links:

    Now they aren't very big and they aren't about a related subject (video games) but they do give me a basic idea of what to do with a mind map. From what I see about them, I feel like I can do a perfect job on that assignment coming up. I wouldn't recommend anybody to look at my links, they are just there to help me I guess.

  5. This link takes you to 10 top mindmaps(just if you want some options to look at):

    This one would be my top choice because it seems like the most user friendly and it looks a lot like thought bubbles which visually helps me organize things.

    This would be my second choice because it maps out the way I would think a mindmap would map out. Not as simple as the link above but still useful.

  6. This one is cool because it has useful tools to add to your own mindmaps while being a nice looking example of a mindmap in itself.

    This PYT could be useful in your future studies or even your current ones because it is all about OPEN SOURCE.


    This link was pretty cool because it was about different types of pasta! Also it had an awesome background that made the whole thing seem a lot more put together, and it had plenty of pictures. The mind maps we've seen in class have seemed slightly bland to me, so this one really helped me see what a mind map could become. I didn't really see anything it could improve on because it was pretty awesome already.

    This website showed examples of excellent mind maps compared to okay ones, then it pointed out what would make for a better mind map and why. . . I feel like it did my homework for me.

  8. We could all contribute to the mind map by coming up with cool concepts or pictures that would be not only memorable for us, but for others as well.

  9. Well I think one thing we could all contribute, in addition to Michelle's idea, is that we could interview each other and talk about our future plans, what worries us today, our views on the class, etc.

    I personally thought was easy to use and got the job done correctly and thought that was an awesome resource in order to get a little inspiration for our mind-mapping extravaganza on Saturday.


    I got these (web-based mindmapping) resources from a blog ( I think it is really cool that he demonstrated how to use ipad to create mindmap. Also, this blog links to many other great learning communities, bloggers.




    **Each source has a description of each. Enjoy! (:


    Both of these min map example were uniquely designed. The first was more creative and colorful while the second one was clean and simple. The first was appealing to the eye but the second was appealing to the mind.


    The first is just one mind map and the second link is a gallery. You have to zoom in to see the first one better. I like the pictures and graphics in the first one because they get my attention immediately and its easy to follow.


    Not only is this one relevant to what we have been reading in class, but it is also a lot more interesting to look at and read as opposed to one with just words. I like things to be more visually appealing (plus it would be easier to learn from if pictures and color are included).

    This one also includes pictures and colors which make learning and remembering things easier. This one looks a lot cleaner than my first link because it is computer generated.

  15. This mind map is the same program that Ian used to make his for Preston plus has 7 mind maps in one. I like this because it shows you can branch off and keep branching off with different ideas all springing from the same thought or concept. What could have made it better would be adding pictures, visuals always help me and most people I feel.

    Since we are most likely going to use mindmeister as our site I decided to take another one off of this mind map site. I like this one because it gives more reason as to why teachers should use tools such as mind maps or blogs and the benefits to it. Also proves that Dr.Preston is one the right track. Again I think that more visuals would be helpful and to spread the map more, we obviously saw that it can spread very very far.

    Thanks Duck Duck Go!

  16. I found this site.... ( which entails 11 different types of mind mapping tools. Out of which I prefer

  17. After looking at a few, I thought that mindmeister would be the easiest to work with. It seems rather simple to use, and looks decent aesthetically.

  18. Edistorm
    Where the two really cool ones that I saw. Both let you get creative visually. I put edistorm first because it looks great. Your point are made into sticky notes!

  19. I looked through a couple, and I found the two I liked most were and They look easy to work with.

    This site is awesome! It even has a tutorial video on the site that's informational and entertaining to watch. This looks like a great start in mind mapping.
    Though this has already been recognized, it looks really organized and has plenty of mind map tools that we could use. I'd definitely recommend this site.


    They both look very simple and well organized to use.


    I really like these two mind maps because they are short and to the point. I can easily see the key points about each topic and the visual representations relates with the idea the artist wants to get across. I know this is not the path we are looking for but I thought they were cool.


    I found this website very useful it offered tutorials on how to use mind maps and it also gave examples of them. Check it out!



    These are a couple I found.


    I liked the first one because it was very simple

    I found this link particularly useful because it allows the audience to design their own mindmaps. Not only that, it allows us to collaborate and work toegether online through one mindmap.

    Along witht his source, mindmeister also seemed very simple and easy to understand. Perfect for technologically individuals like myself :)

  28. The easiest to use site with the most easy to navigate system would be:

    The most creative, yet ambitious system I found was this:


    Hamlet mindmap


    Macbeth mindmap

  31. Like most people I came up with these two mostly due to their simplicity:

    I think so most of all the mind mapping programs have been spoken for already.

  32. These have been mentioned before, but I'll throw in my support for Mind42 and Thinglink. From what I can tell, neither seem too difficult to pick up. Mind42 is a bit more utilitarian, while Thinglink is more visual. I'm not sure what would be best for the classes. Thinglink is interesting in that it's not specifically for mind maps.

  33. I wouldn't say prefered but these are the ones I found: Lion Den and Mappio. I don't really like them because they seem too simple but these are the ones I found. I actually really like Matt Patel's Thinglink Interactive Mindmap link.


    These two are both very simple and seem easy to use. I like simple so these two caught my attention. I think mostly everyone will have no problem using these.

    ^1984 by George Orwell
    ^The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

    I thought this would be a pretty nifty way to do a literature analysis

    both sites are very simple and have well organized information

    I thought this gave a very good visual/definition of a mind map. Although i found it very basic and simple.
    This looks like a site where it could be very easy to create your own simple mind map

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